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  • Increase your income with thousands of driving students on the app
  • Gain visibility with an optimized page on Google
  • Save time with tools designed for instructors
  • Your driving students can book and pay directly through the app
  • Your invoices and receipts are automatically produced
  • Complete follow-up of your students in one click
  • Everything directly on your phone
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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I try before I subscribe?

    Yes of course! You have a 30 days trial period. It starts as soon as you create your account. It is without commitment and unlimited in terms of features. At any time, you can stop your trial period or subscribe to the Pro membership and join all the other driving instructors and driving schools in your area.

  • What happens at the end of the trial period?

    At the end of the trial period, your account remains active. You have unlimited access to all your past activity and your page remains visible online. However, the main functionalities such as planning your lessons, booking online, tracking your students or generating receipts are no longer possible. At any time, you can reactivate the service and continue to use all the features.

  • What are the advantages of the Pro version?

    When you subscribe to the Pro offer, you benefit from all the features of the service. In addition, you are positioned at the top of the list of driving schools and instructors in your region, which encourages students to book.

  • Is there a commitment for my subscription?

    There is no obligation or notice. You can unsubscribe or delete your account at any time. Only the current month is charged.

  • When will I be charged for my subscription?

    Your first subscription is debited at the time of subscription. Subsequent debits are made every month on the anniversary date.

  • Does it work with all types of courses?

    Yes, you can create any type of course. Driving courses: car, motorbike, scooter, HGV... Theory courses: first aid, awareness... and even video courses.

  • Can I synchronise my calendar with my current calendar?

    Yes. In your space, you can retrieve the link of the calendar and add it in your software. Compatible with Google calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar...)

  • Can we create virtual theory lessons?

    Yes, you can create virtual theory lessons and schedule appointments with your students online. All you have to do is specify the link Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Kmeet...

  • Is it possible to differentiate the types of courses?

    Yes, you can assign a colour to your courses in your diary to better differentiate them.

  • Can I export my receipts for my accounting?

    Yes. From the diary, you can access an export module for all your receipts. You specify the beginning, the end and you export the file. It is a very complete csv file that you can use or send to your trustee.

  • Can I activate or deactivate the automatic booking of courses?

    Yes, you are completely free to activate online booking in general or specifically for some of your courses. You can also decide not to activate online booking and manage all your courses manually.

  • Are invoices or receipts generated automatically?

    Yes, as soon as a booking is made, the invoice is automatically generated. It is available in the student area and the instructor area. The receipt is generated automatically when the payment is made by credit card. If the payment is made in cash, the instructor validates the payment in his space and the receipt is generated instantly.

  • How do the reviews work?

    The reviews on the instructor and driving school profiles are strictly from students who have had at least one lesson, so they are verified reviews.

  • How does the card payment work?

    You can simplify the payment of your courses by enabling credit card payment. Your students will be able to pay directly at the time of their booking and store their card in complete security. To activate payment by card, you need to create a Stripe account (free). Activation is fast and automatic. A 5% bank fee applies to your transactions. You will be able to view and retrieve your earnings and manage refunds directly through your Stripe application.

  • How do I get my students to book from my website?

    If you have activated the online booking, we advise you to create a button or a link to your profile so that your students can book on their own. Redirect your calls, SMS or WhatsApp to your website explaining that they can book directly through the app.

  • Can we have an account to manage several driving instructors?

    No. An account corresponds to a driving instructor.

  • Can I manage VAT?

    Yes, if you are subject to VAT, you can activate VAT in your profile.


Free for life

  • My dedicated and optimised page on Google
  • My profile is displayed in the results
  • Contact by phone only


CHF 129.- / month

  • My dedicated and optimised page on Google
  • My profile highlighted in the results
  • Full access to my calendar
  • Add, cancel and delete lessons
  • My driving students can book via the app
  • Driving student tracking, exams and grades
  • Payment of lessons by card or cash
  • Generation of receipts and invoices
  • Export to accounting
  • Synchronisation of my calendar with
  • Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar
No commitment nor bank card


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